Choosing a spirits or a wine is a bit like choosing a cheese, it's really complicated !

Selling spirits or wines is good but selling books that will help you in decision-making is good too.

We speak of hundreds of different products, different vintages, appellations and origins controlled for totally different uses.

We hope to help you with the sale of books dedicated to spirits and wines. These books will bring you additional knowledge, recipe ideas and especially successful meals and evenings.

Happy reading to everyone !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, know how to consume in moderation. Alcohol should not be used by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is forbidden to minors under 18 years of age.
44.99 EUR
Box containing 1 flange stainless steel 250 ml, wearing a Scottish fabric and leather, comes with 4 stainless steel cups and funnel.
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The Vineyards of France Atlas Edition Solar
64.00 EUR 
Discover the vineyards of France with 18 wine regions. 18 ways to enjoy the wine. Atlas 320 pages.
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Box 12 flavors oak barrels Les essences du vin
71.24 EUR  74.99 EUR
Box mit 12 Aromen Eiche, Nase fehlt, eine Leere ... Mit diesem Paket erhalten Sie perfekt und Glanz in der Gesellschaft.
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Box 12 aromas wine flaws Les essences du vin
71.24 EUR  74.99 EUR
This box contains a collection of flavors a bit special ... An overview of the top 12 wine faults. Aromas and booklet.
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Professional box 24 aromas of wine Les essences du vin
114.00 EUR  120.00 EUR
This box offers an initiatory journey off the beaten track. Together you guess the flavor / wine associations.
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Amateur's Guide Malt Whisky Edition Solar
29.90 EUR 
The new guide to the Malt Whiskey lover by Michael Jackson. The world reference in 448 pages.
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Discovery set the aromas whisky Les essences du vin
158.40 EUR  176.00 EUR
This set of 24 flavors to discover all the subtleties of aromatic whiskeys. The discovery begin !
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Wine is not sorcery Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
Wine is not rocket science by Ophélie Neiman - illustrations Y. VAROUTSIKOS small precise winemaking illustrated, 215 pages.
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Wine is not new wizard edition Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
The wine is not sorcery by Ophélie Neiman - illustrations by Y. VAROUTSIKOS, small illustrated oenology, 215 pages. New edition.
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Book the cocktails it's not rocket science Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
Book the cocktails it's not rocket science, by Mickaël Guidot, small illustrated lessons for the amateur (trice). Format 192x245 mm - 216 pages.
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3000 cocktails in illustrated recipes IDEE CADEAU
29.00 EUR 
This book is surely one of the most complete on the theme of cocktail recipes, 3000 recipes, written by S. DIFFORD, issue 27/9/17, format 19,5x25,5 cm - 576 pages.
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Book whiskey is not sorcerer Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
Book the whiskey is not rocket science, small illustrated lessons for amateurs and amateurs. Number of pages 191.
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Large notebook with pencil Adl - origine - importation
7.14 EUR  11.90 EUR
Grand notepad with pencil, paper oh very convenient, 2 different blue and red colors, dimensions L15,5xl9,5 cm.
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