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Autumn is coming, the Ruche des Passions offers you an offer that will extend your summer !

A blow of slack after a Summer of idleness, the return is hard, stressful ! So take propolis products : complementary food, balm, etc.

Food: autumn is the season of figs and nuts for example so the Hive Passions offers mustard - vinegars - candied. But also appetizers - fruit creams - fruit liqueurs. Also discover gingerbreads.

Also, read a few books that will help you better understand the nature and transition between seasons. Each season, actions and works very special. Autumn the last straight before winter !

Note : our nature is suffering more and more, ecosystems are deteriorating at great speed. Think about the generations that will come after you, protect your environment. The Hive of Passions can help you in this way! Simple actions for immediate results !
11.99 EUR
8.39 EUR
Very nice and very convenient that this little beach bag or extra bag, seagrass material, color brown trio - Sun D14/28x16 cm.
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Vital energy for 120 grs Apimab - France - Hérault
13.29 EUR  13.99 EUR
I always have fishing with vital energy ! Gluten-free, rich in vitamin C. 120 grs. 116,58 €/kg.
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4 seasons organic balm 60 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
14.99 EUR 
Organic 4 Seasons Balm, refreshing pectoral massage, 60 ml jar. 249,83 €/l.
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Tonic potion case 10 vials 10 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
9.49 EUR  9.99 EUR
Tonic'Potion ideal for fighting stress, fatigue and overwork. Box of 10 vials of 10 ml. 99,90 €/l.
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Nesting box made of chipboard Cado Stylla Black - origine - importation
9.90 EUR 
Birdhouse to build - chipboard - Comes in a box individual cardboard. Dimensions 14x10,5x17 cm
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Wine vinegar with fig 6° Fallot - origine France - Bourgogne
3.20 EUR 
Vinegar flavored with figs 6°, presented in a labeled bottle of 25 cl, regional product of Burgundy. 15,96/l.
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Mustard with Walnuts Fallot - origine France - Bourgogne
2.94 EUR 
Mustard with walnuts, think also to buy our nuts to be peeled, jar of 21 cl.
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Liquor of fig flower 24° 50 cl Liquoristerie de Provence
21.99 EUR 
Flower fig liqueur, fruit-flavored and tasty, available in bottles of 50 cl - 24° volume
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Wine vinegar with walnut 7° Fallot - origine France - Bourgogne
3.10 EUR 
Vinegar flavored with nuts 7°, presented in a labeled bottle of 25 cl, regional product of Burgundy. 15,96/l.
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Aperitif with wine and fig 18° 75 cl Liquoristerie de Provence
19.99 EUR 
Figoun, aperitif wine and figs, ideal to serve after a meal, drink for dessert, available in bottles of 75 cl - 18°.
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Confit of figs 50 grs
1.20 EUR 
Candied figs, the favorite fruit of foie gras, 50 grams that will make the difference on your table. Confit of fig proposed in a glass pot of 50 grs.
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Wine and fish aperitif 14.4° 75 cl Liquoristerie de Provence
19.99 EUR 
Enjoy this aperitif of Provence made with wine and peaches, available in bottles of 75 cl - 14.4° volume.
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Candied figs with nuts Perigord
2.50 EUR 
Confit preparation figs with nuts Perigord, guaranteed without coloring product, net weight 100 grams. 25,00 €/kg.
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Book the genius of birds Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
Book the Genius of Birds, Jennifer Ackerman, Release 08/11/2017. Size 145x215 mm - 368 pages.
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Box the bistrot of birds Edition - Marabout
19.99 EUR 
The Bistrot des oiseaux, a box containing 1 small practical guide to recognize the birds and a wooden feeder (the bird bistro).
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Book carving like a pro Edition - Marabout
9.90 EUR 
The gardener's notebook to prune like a professional, 200 species and varieties of plants to prune. Pages 157.
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Book a hive for my garden Edition - Marabout
15.90 EUR 
By Joachim PETTERSON, this book a hive for my garden, issue 07/03/2018, format 170x240 mm - 256 pages.
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Gingerbread 170 grs with seeds and mustard bran Mulot & Petitjean - origine France - Bourgogne
5.50 EUR 
Gingerbread 170 grs with seeds and mustard bran, in preparation for an aperitif or an appetizer. Real gingerbread Dijon. Packaging cardboard box with food film.
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The guide the pharmacy of the forest Edition - Marabout
16.90 EUR 
The guide the pharmacy of the forest by Markus Strauss, issue 28/03/2018, format 175x247 mm - 208 pages.
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Aperitif wild rose 50 cl Distillerie des terres rouges
8.54 EUR  8.99 EUR
Flavoured wine-based aperitif to the wild rose, bottle of 50 cl - 11,50°. 17,98 €/l.
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Aperitif with sweet chestnut 50 cl Distillerie des terres rouges
8.54 EUR  8.99 EUR
Drink flavored wine-based for aperitif, chestnut notes marron glacé, bottle of 50 cl - 11,50°. 17,98 €/l.
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