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In the end many people think that hive and bee gives only honey. This is true but not that ...

In this section, find all properties of propolis in a range of products specially adapted to the maintenance of the skin and the prevention of skin aggressions.

The Sos skin care gel, says the "versatile from Propolia" ! Product designed for turbulent children and awkward adults.

Calming oil, says the "fireman of the skin" ! For those who approached a little too close to their barbecue.

The protective hand cream says "the friend of everyday life" ! For those whose hands need to be protected in any circumstance.

Body milk, called "the solution adapted to the skin" ! For people whose skin tugs and need to soothe it.

The active balm, says "Teddy the indispensable" ! For people who need advanced care for their damaged skin.

The deodorant, says "freshness to nature" ! For those looking for a Bio certified ball deodorant.

The lip balm, says "the last resort to the dry lips" ! For those whose lips are very dry or very damaged.
11.99 EUR
Organic spray propolis and mint, refreshing concentrate, 20 ml bottle. 599,5 €/l.
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Lip balm with propolis shea butter with rough lips - stick 4 grs under case. 1497,5 €/kg.
5.99 EUR 
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Organic body lotion, propolis, shea, sunflower, floral lavender water. Pump-flask 190 ml. 78,89 €/l.
14.99 EUR 
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Discover the protective organic cream for hands, in 75 ml tube. 14,65 €/l.
10.99 EUR 
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Active balm propolis, shea butter and organic honey, excellent soothing and restorative, compact pocket of 30 ml. 433 €/l.
12.99 EUR 
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Fondant balm for the 50 ml organic massage, melting the time of a massage. Organic cosmetics for a well-being 100% natural.
11.90 EUR 
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Gel for organic skin arnica and propolis, gel arnica and propolis, tube of 30 ml. 399,66 €/l.
11.99 EUR 
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Organothermic therapeutic oil and propolis, the firefighter of the skin. Spray bottle of 20 ml. 499,5 €/l.
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Deodorant hamamelis, organic honey and alum stone. Roll-On 50 ml. 19,98 €/l.
9.99 EUR 
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