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Books on DIY and decoration

Broken down ideas for decorating your home interior, knowledge in materials, know how to marry the colors. We offer books on the theme of current decoration .....

DIY remains a base for everyone! Whether you live in an apartment or in a detached house, a book on DIY is always useful .....

We also offer more confidential, more off-the-wall books addressing the theme of creative hobbies, good living and waste recovery .....

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15.99 EUR
Book to cultivate and use medicinal plants, format 185x235 mm. 224 pages. Date of publication 24/2/2016.
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Nature D.I.Y Edition - Marabout
19.00 EUR  20.00 EUR
Letting go, that can be learned! With this nature book D.I.Y made of nature your friend .... Release 25/05/2016, format 195x267 mm, 250 pages.
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Book the wood craftsman Edition - Marabout
19.00 EUR  20.00 EUR
The wood craftsman, 25 years of life in the midst of chestnut thickets. Ben Law tells you about his wooded adventure. Release 02/11/2016, format 221 x 267 mm - 216 pages.
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Book all the diy 544 pages Edition - Marabout
24.50 EUR 
Book on all the DIY, 3500 photographs and tips to succeed your work from the cellar to the attic. Authors Julian Cassell and Peter Parham.
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The little bible of the nodes Edition - Marabout
10.44 EUR  10.99 EUR
By Des Pawson, the little bible of the nodes, in order to know how to make and use more than 100 knots. Published on 13/05/2015 - format 10x19,2 cm - 400 pages.
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The socialite family the guide decoration Edition - Marabout
23.75 EUR  25.00 EUR
The socialite family the guide decoration, written by Constance Gennari, 240 pages. The must in writing on decoration.
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Large notebook with pencil Adl - origine - importation
7.14 EUR  11.90 EUR
Grand notepad with pencil, paper oh very convenient, 2 different blue and red colors, dimensions L15,5xl9,5 cm.
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Book decoration by plants Edition - Marabout
16.90 EUR 
35 DIY projects to bring nature to your home, publication 01/03/2017, format 200x240 mm - 224 pages.
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