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Boxes spirits gifts

A few days of a special event : the anniversary of his birthday, his birthday, your first meeting, Christmas, Father's Day ... We want to give you the click to find the ideal gift idea.

To please his father or companion, the man or the woman is a challenge that angain everything for everyone, but Hive of Passions offers to help you !

A choice of boxes for spirits, gifts chosen with passion! Collectors, but also more traditional gifts, everyone will find his account.

Do not forget the card slipped into the package, it's a gift !

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, know consume with moderation. Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under 18 years old.
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Carafon pear william 70 cl 43° Devoille
54.90 EUR 
This pear imprisoned just waiting to be released, available in glass decanter, capacity 70 cl - 43° volume.
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Liquor marc and Burgundy truffle 25° 50 cl Briottet
89.50 EUR 
Burgundy truffle and marc truffle 25 ° 50 cl, the truffle is invited to your table, carafe 50 cl - 25°.
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Liquor mixed blackcurrant 24° decanter 70 cl Briottet
59.99 EUR 
Liquor mixed with cassis, the marriage of blackcurrant Dijon & marc of Burgundy, 24° - carafe 70 cl.
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Cruchon stoneware cream of blackberry 18° 50 cl Briottet
26.99 EUR 
Blackberry cream, available in stoneware jug of 0,50 l the perfect gift - 18°.
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Cruchon stoneware raspberry cream 18° 50 cl Briottet
26.99 EUR 
Cream of raspberry, available in sandstone jug 0,50 l - 18 °. A gift idea of thunder ....
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Cruchon stoneware cream of Dijon blackcurrant 20° 50 cl Briottet
26.99 EUR 
Cream of blackcurrant of Dijon, available in stoneware jug of 0,50 l must ! - 20°.
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Cruchon stoneware peach vine 18° 50 cl Briottet
29.99 EUR 
Fabulous peach cream, available in stoneware jug of 0,50 l - 18°.
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Cruchon very fine sandstone Burgundy 43° 50 cl Briottet
32.99 EUR 
Very fine old Burgundy, nostalgic packaging. Stoneware jug 0,50 l - 43°.
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Jug very old sandstone Marc de Bourgogne 43° Briottet
32.99 EUR 
Give a very old marc de Bourgogne AOC, available in stoneware jug of 0,50 l - 43°.
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Gin Gold 999.9 Devoille
50.39 EUR  55.99 EUR
Gin Gold 999.9 for cocktails and Gin Tonic. Gold bullion bottle 70 cl - 40°.
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Automatic radar gift box Devoille
52.50 EUR 
Harmless and funny, discover this box-shaped radar. In the box to discover the water spirits pear william 20 cl, 2 drinks and 2 NF breathalysers
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Box of 5 mignonnettes with cigar alcohol 3 cl Devoille
30.99 EUR 
To discover this box with 5 cigars devoted to digestive - Enjoy an old pear, a plum, a cognac, armagnac one, a calvados
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Whiskey Glen Field's bio Janot distillerie
33.99 EUR 
Whiskey Glen Field's bio, whiskey aged 3 years in French oak barrels, bottle of 70 cl, 40° vol.
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Wooden case 3 Knockando 12 - 18 - 21 years old
960.00 EUR  1 200.00 EUR

The King of King's suitcase 3 whiskeys Knockando exceptional, 12, 18 and 21 years of age. Bag including a solitaire game and 68 balls.

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Collector box Rolling Stones Crystal Head Vodka Crystal Head
190.99 EUR 
Collector box Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stones, skull bottle, 70 cl.
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