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Cheese from the Jura

Discover a selection of cheeses from the Jura, refined products exhilarating curiosity cheese enthusiasts. Have a great time in front of a good cheese plate.

Counties cheeses are matured traditionally that is to say by a maturing cellar, sea salt giving it a unique taste with a scrubbing by hand.

The entire process is manual, without the intervention of the machine. The craftsmanship in all its nobility.

Extra old county of cheese : ripening over 18 months.

Cheese Extra soft County : 4 to 6 months refining.

Extra-delicious cheese County : refining 8 to 12 months.

County cheese Patriarch : refining more than 12 months.

Also, find in this section the blue Gex, tomme du Jura, morbier and raclette cheese.

With each order, you can find a set of recipes and other surprises.

Finally, in our shop Hive Passions, we market chopping boards, knives cheeses and wines of the Jura.
6.25 EUR
Ravioli of tuna with langoustine coulis, prepared in Brittany, net weight 400 grs.
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County Jura extra soft cheese Fromage du Jura
9.50 EUR 
County from the Jura, refining 4 to 6 months - extra soft, weight 1000 and 500 grams. 18,90 €/kg.
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Jura County cheese extra delight Fromage du Jura
10.40 EUR 
County from the Jura, refining 8 to 12 months - extra delight, proposed by weight of 1000 and 500 grams. 20,70 €/kg.
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Jura County cheese patriarch Fromage du Jura
11.50 EUR 
County from the Jura, maturing more than 12 months - the patriarch, weight 500 grams and 1000. 22,50 €/kg.
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Jura County cheese extra old Fromage du Jura
13.80 EUR 
County from the Jura, maturing over 18 months - extra old, weight 1000 and 500 grs. 27,50 €/kg.
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Tomme du Jura Fromage du Jura
8.80 EUR 
Tomme du Jura cheese more neutral taste, 1000 and 500 grams weight - fat 45%. 17,50 €/kg.
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Morbier Jura Article fabriqué dans le Jura
8.80 EUR 
The original Morbier AOC, 1000 and weight 500 grams - 45% fat. 17,50/kg.
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Gex blue cheese Article fabriqué dans le Jura
8.90 EUR 
Bleu de Gex AOC raw milk cheese of cow, proposed by weight of 1,000 and 500 grams. 17,50/kg.
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Raclette cheese of the Jura Article fabriqué dans le Jura
8.90 EUR 
Jura raclette cheese, uncooked pressed cheese, available in weight of 1000 grams and 500 grams. 17,60/kg.
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The box with 5 cheeses Jura Fromage du Jura
61.50 EUR 
5 cheeses Jura terroir "cheese box". Weight 2,5 kg (5x500 grs). Vacuum pack.
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Wooden box for wine with cheese set Cado Stylla Black - origine - importation
49.99 EUR 
Wooden box for wine with cheese set, the right bottle for good cheese. Sun of the box 34x12,50x11,50 cm.
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30 recipes to the county of cheese Cigc
3.50 EUR 
Here is a nice book on the County, 30 cheese recipes, to vary the pleasures around this famous cheese, small format, 58 pages.
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Wooden display for recipe cards Cigc
46.50 EUR 
Wood County cheese slice display for recipe cards, product use as decoration, storage, the top in fact !
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Trivial drinks box pursuit 1000 questions Edition - Marabout
11.90 EUR 
Trivial pursuit cocktail box, contains 1000 questions and answers. A summary of info within the reach of everyone.
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