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A selection of cookbooks and cooking at home just for you ! Build up a unique library of hundreds of recipes.

The kitchen in the plural, traditional or exotic cuisine. The Hive Passions helps you as usual to find the recipe book that will help you in everyday life.

Find an online catalog of cookbooks, recipe ideas and gift boxes.

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Here is a nice book on the County, 30 cheese recipes, to vary the pleasures around this famous cheese, small format, 58 pages.
3.50 EUR 
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Coffee is not rocket science, a lot of useful information for everyone. Published: 14/9/2016 - format 18,8x24,5 cm. 192 pages. Sébastien Racineux - Chung-Leng Tran.
19.90 EUR 
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Bible of flavors, rich teaching book, 99 ingredients, 980 pairs of flavors, 250 recipes in 495 pages.
29.99 EUR 
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Flexible recipes to suit your day ! For each recipe, three time options. The choice is yours. 287 pages.
7.99 EUR 
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The emblematic Halloween pumpkin vegetable presented here by this cookbook, 30 recipes to cook this versatile vegetable in the kitchen, 58 pages.
3.50 EUR 
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Zucchini vegetable season par excellence, a vitamin treatment in 30 seasonal recipes - 58 pages.
3.50 EUR 
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The famous Brie cheese in his last book, the little creamery has released 30 recipes brie cheese - cookbook 58 pages.
3.50 EUR 
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A book on Reblochon cheese 30 recipes for something different around this famous cheese, small, 58 pages.
3.50 EUR 
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A practical idea a day, gourmet and creative recipes for the whole family, large size 27,70x19,50x1 cm, 160 pages.
6.99 EUR 
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Grand notepad with pencil, paper oh very convenient, 2 different blue and red colors, dimensions L15,5xl9,5 cm.
7.14 EUR  11.90 EUR
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Wood County cheese slice display for recipe cards, product use as decoration, storage, the top in fact !
46.50 EUR 
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