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Cream of blackcurrant

The cream of blackcurrant is made by maceration of blackcurrant berries of variety "Black of Burgundy".
The rich taste and flavor of the creams of blackcurrant Dijon allow jobs as diverse as cooking, desserts and the much appreciated "blanc-cassis".

Adopt the grain of blackcurrant at home, you will become addicted ! Whether sweet, salty, icy, cocktail, mousse, jam, sauce, starter or accompaniment ... The blackcurrant to drink or to eat !

Discover the fascinating little black bay of Burgundy to the taste so frank and acidulated. The blackcurrant may invite you to your table in a whirlwind of flavors !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, know how to consume in moderation. Alcohol should not be used by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is forbidden to minors under 18 years of age.
32.99 EUR
Very old marc of Burgundy, Aoc out of age 10 years minimum, bottle of 70 cl - 43° volume.
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Cream of blackcurrant from Dijon, excellent value for money for an entry-level, bottle of 1 liter, 15° volume.
16.99 EUR 
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Cream of blackcurrant of Dijon "Special Bar" for kir or recipes blackcurrant, 70 cl bottle, 15° volume.
14.99 EUR 
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Cream blackcurrant "new crop", for kir or revenue Burgundian cuisine with cassis, 70 cl bottle, 15° volume.
14.99 EUR 
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Cream of blackcurrant of Dijon developed with fruit variety "Black Burgundy", in bottles of 70 cl, 20° volume.
15.99 EUR 
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Cream of Blackcurrant of Dijon Gérard BRIOTTET, a must in terms of cream of blackcurrant, 70 cl bottle comes with cardboard case, 20° vol.
22.99 EUR 
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