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We try to offer children throughout the year an important choice of games and toys designed either in wood or from other noble, natural and durable materials.

We can also offer plastic toys and games, why ? There are 3 reasons.

The first reason, some items can be made in France.

The second reason, the first one concerned the child, so it is essential for us to think first of it.

Finally, the third reason in order to continue to sell French games and toys, we must also distribute import products. Not by envy but by necessity to ensure our economic model.

All ages are represented, boys and girls will be satisfied with a varied selection of games and toys permanently available in our online store Ruche des Passions.

Slates and chalk for different uses !
Dilemma between ball in glass and earth. Let your children choose !
Antischus, puzzles, general culture ... Shining in society becomes much easier.
A birth is always a special time to celebrate. So find a selection of gifts for mom & baby.
Wooden puzzle games and stone for hours of reflection.
Games indoor and outdoor, fun, competition and oxygen in addition.
A choice of wood chess sets made in France and Europe. A good value for money, for lovers of chess.
Wooden boxes and card games. The casino for adults and children at home.
The game of dominoes and mikado, play and intergenerational family par excellence. Craftsmanship.
A wide choice of wooden board games in different themes. A nostalgic look of our childhood.
Musical games for kids ! Hours of fun for Tiny Tots. Some nice products for all budgets.
A choice of educational games to play and learn the world as it is.
Small and large puzzles. From logic and concentration and hop, it is done.
A privileged space for the creative leisure to think, build, coloring, painting. Grow while having fun at the same time !
Any kind of small toys for children of low prices. Make it fun by offering toys super funny. Small price.
Give a toy that scale. It will switch in the pleasures of childhood.
Love your bear, play with your dolls, make stories with your puppets.
Your first savings safely in a nice piggy bank.
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