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Intense propolis

Hive of Passions presents propolis in its simplest device. Liquid, solid, powder and capsule. 4 different states for multi-faceted products !

A useful reminder to shine in society !

The propolis is derived from the bud of the plant and then transformed by the working bee, this material at the same time vegetable and animal is full of assets. You will find in this section a few products that are of interest to many of our customers.

Ultra capsules : ultra capsules are recommended during periods of change of season and especially at the arrival of winter. Propolis offers a better immune response.

The propolis solution : to recommend for a sanitizing and soothing use, especially for your mouth (gums and teeth), for the skin in the event of a skin accident.

Propolis pure chew : for those who want to benefit from pure propolis, unprocessed, for the well-being of the oral sphere and their gums.

Propolis Drying Powder : For adults and children with regular redness, or to remove scratches caused by branches, thorns.

Mother tincture of propolis : 100% propolis extract, the ideal companion for your daily life.

Purifying oral spray : immediate action in the service of your well-being, spray of 20 ml.

Oily solution of propolis : product intended for people who wish to soothe their gums and their skin. Product without alcohol.

90 capsules for joints : 90 capsules for joints, packaging in inviolable plastic jar. Dietary supplement.


6.99 EUR
Organic ginger propolis gums, gums with sweet and natural flavors. Box of 45 grams.
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Ultra capsules 80 capsules Apimab - France - Hérault
13.90 EUR 
Ultra capsules, product offered in a tamperproof plastic pot. Jar containing 80 capsules. Gluten-free product. Price for kg 460,26 €.
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90 capsules for joints Apimab - France - Hérault
17.90 EUR 
90 capsules for joints, packaging in inviolable plastic jar. Jar containing 90 capsules. Dietary supplement. Price for kg 478,60 €.
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Propolis pure to chew 10 grs Apimab - France - Hérault
11.90 EUR 

Propolis pure to chew, plate of 10 g pre-cut in 10 bands of 1 g under cellophane. 1199 €/kg.

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Propolis powder drying 30 grs Apimab - France - Hérault
8.99 EUR 

Propolis powder drying, presented in powder compact of 30 grams. 299,66 €/kg.

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Propolis mother tincture 30 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
12.90 EUR 
Propolis mother tincture, presented in 30 ml glass dropper-drops. 433 €/l.
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Propolis solution 30 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
15.99 EUR 
Propolis solution in glass bottle with pipette, capacity 30 ml. 466,33 €/l.
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Purifying mouth spray 20 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
10.99 EUR 
Purifying mouth spray, immediate action to your well-being, spray 20 ml. 549,5 €/l.
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Oil solution of propolis 30 ml Apimab - France - Hérault
12.90 EUR 
Oily propolis solution in 30 ml glass bottle with pipette. 433 €/l.
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