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Rapeseed and sunflower oil

The producer uses the technique of the first cold pressing, like olive oil. The pressing is very soft 3 pints per hour. The oil retains all the flavor of almond, sunflower and rapeseed.

The process is totally natural. No additives are used. The oil is just pressed, filtered and bottled.

Sunflower oil is good to the health because the other additional oils, in particular rapeseed oil.

Sunflower : rich in vitamin E (antioxidant power) and Omega 6.

Rape : health profile of olive oil. Very rich in Omega 3.

The important thing is to eat a little of all the oils but still the first cold pressing which preserves the nutritional qualities.

Sunflower oil can both be used in cooking (fried) in seasoning.

Do not use for fries or Bourguignonne fondue cooking too long. At the stove, there are no worries for a steak, an omelet, fried potatoes, it has a nice consistency, you will use less, and it leaves a note of toasted almonds.

But his forte is of course the seasoning. It is delicious alone or with a hint of walnut vinegar or sherry.

Rapeseed oil is only used in a wide range seasoning with vinegar. It is wonderful on a salad (endive, lettuce, celery, tomato ...), but also with a fish fillet in cold input (sea bream, sea bass, cod ...).

It keeps well away from light in a kitchen cupboard, in a cool cellar.
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Dijon mustard bucket baby iron, marriage of iron and mustard seed, iron bucket containing a glass pot of 450 grs.
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Extra virgin rapeseed oil, first cold pressed, no additives always a successful kitchen. Capacity 750 ml.
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Sunflower oil extra virgin, first cold pressed, without any additives, health ideal profile ! Capacity 750 ml.
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Set of 2 extra virgin rapeseed and sunflower oils, first cold pressed without additives, the perfect health profile ! Capacity 750 ml.
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Salad bowl with removable lid, solid plastic, capacity 90 cl. Dimensions 10.5xht 19.5 cm.
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