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Red wine from the Jura

Jura reds can also be more intense depending on the variety and the mix. Indeed, the reds can go from a subtle color almost pink to a strong color, as is the case of Pinot Noir.

The Jura reds are of good keeping, evolving towards notes of undergrowth, humus and mushrooms. Plump notes are found on the trousseaux.

(Source : history, terroirs and grape varieties - Jura wines)

To know !

3 types of grape varieties :

* Pulsar : often confused with a rosé, the pulse is illuminated by a unique pastel pigment. A lively but robust wine, the pulse takes you into the undergrowth.

* The keychain : illuminated with an intense red color, the keychain surprises with its creamy and lively finesse.

* The pinot noir : its bright ruby ​​red color and its assertive structure are often married to its cousins ​​the pulse and the trousseau.

(Source : Interprofessional Committee of Jura Wines)


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, know consume with moderation. Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under 18 years old.

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Wine rib Jura Pinot 2017 Aoc Fruitière vinicole d'Arbois
9.60 EUR 
Vin côtes du Jura pinot 2017 Aoc, pinot noir grape variety, can be kept until 5 years old. 12,5 ° - bottle 75 cl.
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Ribbing of Jura trousseau 2014 75 cl Bourgeois
9.99 EUR 

Vintage 2009 Wine keychain, bottled by the winegrower BOURGEOIS Joël - available in 75 cl - 12° volume.

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Wine stop-drop Moidon
1.99 EUR 
Stop-drop in stainless steel, small auxiliary extremely useful during the service, no more bottles stained - diameter 3,70 cm.
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Stainless steel bottle bottom 9.5 cm Les essences du vin
9.99 EUR 
Stainless steel bottle bottom, diameter 9.5 cm, height 3cm. Stainless steel and rubber.
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Professional box 24 aromas of wine Les essences du vin
114.00 EUR  120.00 EUR
This box offers an initiatory journey off the beaten track. Together you guess the flavor / wine associations.
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Wine is not new wizard edition Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
The wine is not sorcery by Ophélie Neiman - illustrations by Y. VAROUTSIKOS, small illustrated oenology, 215 pages. New edition.
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