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Regional boxes ready to offer

Lack of inspiration, no time to make yourself a gourmet package and discovery of local specialties. The Hive Passions helps you optimize your time.

We choose a package and we ourselves conceive gourmet basket. We direct you to the original and different themes in their presentation.

Each in its budget so we think everyone reflecting on the good value for money. Good gourmet discovery !

Hive of Passions, cases for every budget !
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Treat yourself to a nice and simple breakfast, chocolate, coffee and gingerbread.
13.99 EUR 
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A breakfast of King at home in 72 hours, chocolate, coffee, jam and gingerbread nature.
19.99 EUR 
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Think of an energizing breakfast, chocolate, coffee, jam and gingerbread.
19.99 EUR 
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Assortment of gingerbread and alcohol. All presented in an original packaging.
49.99 EUR 
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Mustard, vinegar and spice breads live blackcurrant of Burgundy, 3 different products, 3 reasons to have fun, to have fun.
19.99 EUR 
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Out of inspiration for a gourmet gift. 5 products to discover. Gourmet box special aroma with blackcurrant.
44.99 EUR 
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An invitation to travel to the land of blackcurrant, 5 products to discover. Gourmet box special aroma with blackcurrant.
45.99 EUR 
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The gourmet box of gingerbread Dijon, a sacred box full of flavors. To be tasted urgently.
69.99 EUR 
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Blackcurrant bottle, spices and mustard bread blackcurrant live Burgundy. A gourmet box full of emotions.
35.99 EUR 
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The gourmet box of gingerbread with a gingerbread liquor, a concentrate of sweets.
75.99 EUR 
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Wooden box with sommelier corkscrew, knife slicing foie gras, bottle of Sauternes duck foie gras. 100 grams of chocolate truffles available.
59.99 EUR 
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Appetizer fig and walnuts, walnut vinegar and mustard with nuts, box 3 local products. Wooden packaging, dimensions 33x20,5x10,5 cm.
25.00 EUR 
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