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Straw wine of the Jura

The particular development of the straw wine and the aromas it develops make it a remarkable wine. Its grapes are selected with the utmost attention to retain only the most beautiful fruits.

They are then allowed to dehydrate for several months in a dry and airy room. The straw wine has a traditional mention which reflects a very particular method of elaboration.

The basic yield of straw wine is set at 20 hectoliters per hectare. The grapes must dry for a minimum of six weeks either on a bed of straw, from which it originates from its name, on hurdles or hanging to make a selection of the finest grains.

The objective is to obtain a natural concentration of grape berries.

It will then age three years in small barrels to develop its aromas of candied fruits, prune, honey, caramel, or candied orange.

Source : History, terroirs & vineyards - Jura wines

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21.50 EUR
Jura wine Macvin Caveau des Jacobins, bottled at the property Fruitière Vinicole d'Arbois - available in 75 cl - 17,5° vol.
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2014 Arbois Prestige straw wine Fruitière vinicole d'Arbois
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Arbois straw wine, 2014 vintage, appellation Arbois controlled, bottle of 37.5 cl - 14.5° vol.
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