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Tableware soapstone

Soapstone is known for its soft texture but not fragile the contrary. This stone is composed partly by talc.

Unlike other stones like granite for example that soapstone is remarkable for several points.

A soft smooth to the touch, a blue color with white and especially an ability to contain heat or cold and return them slowly.

No more super hot dish that immediately cools to ambient air and vice versa the cold dims and thus degrades the food you'll eat ...

For a healthy and natural cooking, use Steksten baking stone, out of the oven so you can grill your favorite meats.

The Varm O Kall (trivet) holding the hot without flames or electrical power. Keeps the cold without ice. Varm O Kall (in French it means hot and cold).

The Stenkall enjoy their lives of brandies and liqueurs ideal temperature between 6 ° and 8 ° C. The ideal temperature to allow the flavors to express all their facets and complexities.

Choose through freshener Stenkall Brown, enjoy our brandies and fruit liqueurs hit without ice and extend the tasting with great pleasure!

Stones Scandinavian whiskey, the ice that never melts! These stones allow you today to cool your favorite whiskey and thus offer you a real whiskey on the rocks without dilution with water.
Forget all that you know about the big family of coolers, choose finally the King of the cooler, the soapstone bottle cooler.
19.99 EUR
Beautiful slate rectangular tray with pads and 2 metal handles. Ideal for service. Dimensions 39x30x4 cm.
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Soapstone cooking Steksten Technosude
128.27 EUR  150.90 EUR
The baking stone Steksten an original way of grilling. Without power. The beauty of a stone ...
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Stone Soap dish Varm o Kall Technosude
50.14 EUR  58.99 EUR

The Varm O Kall soapstone to keep warm without flame and keep ice cold without different foods - 19,50 cm diameter.

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Boîte 8 pierres à whisky en pierre ollaire Technosude
25.42 EUR  29.90 EUR

The soapstone are used to store whiskey in the cold and to return slowly, box composed of eight soapstone.

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Freshener soapstone for spirits Technosude
42.49 EUR  49.99 EUR

With this cooler enjoy in excellent conditions your water spirits and liqueurs hit without ice - height : 9,50 cm.

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Freshener soapstone for spirits Technosude
42.42 EUR  49.90 EUR
Stone mixture soapstone, glass and cork, Brown Stenkall - natural spirits freshener. Excellence at home !
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Bottle cooler soapstone and its cork support Technosude
101.99 EUR  119.99 EUR
Bottle cooler with its cork support, elegance and efficiency combine with the present. L12x12xh 19 cm. Weight is 3.8 kg.
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