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We offer a wide range of health and wellness products based on propolis, honey and other natural substances (royal jelly, acerola, ginseng, pollen, red vine, aloe, etc ...)

What is Propolis ?

We know the benefits of royal jelly, honey, pollen or wax on our well-being. We will discover together another treasure of the hive : the propolis.

Propolis is a collection of resinous, gummy and balsamic substances harvested by bees on the buds of certain trees, especially on poplars.

From this raw material, worked in the laboratory, we obtain a multitude of health and beauty products.

The Propolia range evolves over time to more certified organic formulations. The customers loyal to the propolia range and its products also want new products so as the online catalog evolves.

The wellness and health department also offers other products according to our research, proposals from our suppliers and the will of our customers.

A blow of blues, a coloring book to fight effectively against the stress.
A gift idea ! La Ruche des Passions guides you in your choice.
A choice of makeup kits designed organic cotton, fashion accessory, shimmering colors and unexpected forms.
The organic shampoo with the propolis the true friend of your scalp.
Think soaps and shower gel for your daily well-being.
Products adapted to the maintenance and prevention of your skin.
Propolia balm and spray in order to fight and to put down the respiratory discomfort.
Product for oral hygiene with propolis and plants. Toothpaste and chewing gum.
The vital energy and the tonic potion for the blows of fatigue.
Syrups and traditional formula spray, based on honey and propolis.

To discover the gums with propolis and organic dry pollen.

Hive of Passions presents propolis in its simplest device.

Your feet, legs, joints are important. Think Propolia.

Organic infusions for digestion and regain a serene sleep.

A range of products with propolis care and hygiene dogs and cats.
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