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White wine of Jura

Hive of Passions, presents the white wines of the Jura wines that never leave indifferent ! The white wines of the Jura are from two grape varieties : Chardonnay and Savagnin. varietal wines (from a single grape variety) and then assembly.

In tasting, the aromas of white wines of the Jura remains varied. The wines can be either floral or tradition.

A floral white wine is made in principle Chardonnay grapes whose breeding however, remains classic. The winemakers raising wine this way "ouillent" their barrels. The topping is used to prevent contact of the air with the wine. Therefore, maintained empty the drum of which the level drops under the effect of evaporation by adding wine similar.

Another method of working is applied to the Jura white wine of not "ouiller" drums. Thus, the air gap moves naturally, a yeast veil is then formed on the surface of the liquid. The wine and eats special and intense aromas.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation. Alcohol should not be used by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors - 18 years.
15.10 EUR

Cremant du Jura white Bethany Fruit Winery d'Arbois, bottle of 75 cl - 12° volume.

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Ribbing of Jura 2010 tradition 75 cl Bourgeois
10.90 EUR 
Wine from the Jura terroir, a nice Côtes du Jura white tradition 2010 vintage bottle of 75 cl - 13° volume. 
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Wine rib Jura white tradition Aoc Fruitière vinicole d'Arbois
10.60 EUR 
Wine ribs of the Jura white tradition Aoc, chardonnay and savagnin grape variety, 75 cl, 13,5°.
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White Arbois wine Bethanie 2014 75 cl Fruitière vinicole d'Arbois
12.90 EUR 
Cuvée Béthanie Arbois white 2014, bottle 75 cl - 13,5% volume.
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Wine rib Jura Chardonnay 2017 Aoc Fruitière vinicole d'Arbois
12.90 EUR 
Jura Chardonnay wine 2017 AOC, 100% Chardonnay grape, bottle 75 cl, 13°.
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3 Jura white wines with wooden barricaut La Ruche des Passions
58.50 EUR 
Arbois Bethany - tradition white wine - Jura Chardonnay ribs. All in a wooden barricaut. A 100% French offer !
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Wine stop-drop Moidon
1.99 EUR 
Stop-drop in stainless steel, small auxiliary extremely useful during the service, no more bottles stained - diameter 3,70 cm.
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Corkscrew Ez Satin Pull Les essences du vin
39.99 EUR 
Corkscrews lever with easy for any type of cap (natural or synthetic) extraction box with accessories - 2 year warranty.
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Corkscrews Screwpull Lm-250 Les essences du vin
99.90 EUR 
Lever corkscrews, brand Le Creuset, easy extraction of natural or synthetic corks, with a 10 year warranty.
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The Vineyards of France Atlas Edition Solar
54.00 EUR 
Discover the vineyards of France with 18 wine regions. 18 ways to enjoy the wine. Atlas 320 pages.
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Wine is not new wizard edition Edition - Marabout
19.90 EUR 
The wine is not sorcery by Ophélie Neiman - illustrations by Y. VAROUTSIKOS, small illustrated oenology, 215 pages. New edition.
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