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The liquors and creams of artisanal fruit a foot anchored in the soil and tradition, a dream called Rhums, a small tour in Provence with aperitifs and liquors from there.

A cream of blackcurrant from Dijon, that tells you ! An excellent whiskey watching a Delon movie in front of your TV screen, is it tempting ?

And many other spirits to discover. Also to see our flasks, gift boxes and tasting and books on the literature of spirits and wines.

Our Jura wines

In 1936, the Jura wines obtained the first French Historical Controlled Appellation of Origin in Arbois. Since then, 6 other AOC have come to reward the passionate and permanent work of French viticulture.

The geographical AOC : AOC Arbois, AOC Côtes du Jura, AOC l'Etoile, AOC Château-Chalon.

The 3 AOCs produced : Macvin du Jura, white, most of the time, it can also be red or rosé - Cremant has benefited from an AOC since 1995, Crémant du Jura is an effervescent and festive wine that is produced on the entire vineyard. Last AOC, the Marc du Jura appellation, which regulates the production of distilled Marc brandy.

5 grape varieties : the Chardonnay - the Savagnin - the Poulsard - the Pinot Noir - the Trousseau

And many other wines to discover. Gift boxes and tasting, books on wine literature.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, know how to consume in moderation. Alcohol should not be used by pregnant women. The sale of alcohol is forbidden to minors under 18 years of age.

The flanges, covered with leather or fabrics. The choice is here !

A selection of accessories for your favorite wines and champagnes.

White rum or dark rum, from Martinique, each with the right to a dream destination.
Water spirits remains the local product par excellence, fruit of knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Cognac, the pride of the producers, a territory now known worldwide.

Of cream blackcurrant for a variety of uses in the kitchen, cocktail or design the famous white-cassis aperitif.
A choice of homemade fruit creams to be tasted or cocktails.

A unique choice of fruit liquors in different flavors in bottles of 70 cl and 200 ml. Excellent tasting !

Boxes spirits gifts, original gifts and unusual to put in any hands. Good visit !

AOC crémant du Jura, an effervescent wine from the Jura region.
Jura white, floral and distinctive fruit of the wealth of an entire land. Accompanying fatness, seduction pure.
The red wines of the Jura are the companions of all the cuisines. Two varieties distinguished pinot Noir and the keychain. Friendly wines !
The yellow wine, prestigious wine adorned with gold, intense, with powerful aromas.
Macvin wine, beverage made ​​from unfermented grape juice, an amazing wine protected by an AOC, a 100% Jura.
The straw wine ! The requirement and Jurassian know-how in 37,5 cl.
A selection of gift boxes for wine. Causes your turn desire !
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