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Boxes and accessories

Cabinets and kitchen accessories used for the preparation of the dishes. Small equipment and utensils are the cookware.

Choose correctly its equipment and utensils not contribute to the context of its dishes success.

A utensil should be suited to use, robust and easy to use. The result is a time saving and the economy on the raw material.

We must choose priority noble materials like untreated raw wood, glass or stainless steel true. These 3 three materials stand the test of time.

We also offer original packaging utensils compounds usually stainless steel.
4.50 EUR
To take a liquid honey, too thin ! Wrap the precious nectar around the spoon honey. Spoon boxwood - 11 or 17 cm.
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Stainless steel knife cheese knife Diodon - origine - importation
9.99 EUR 
A desire for cheese, pull the left drawer and take the cheese knife in stainless steel. Dimensions 25x2,7 cm.
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Cheese knife wide stainless steel blade Diodon - origine - importation
9.99 EUR 
Knife for cheese, wide stainless steel blade. Dimensions 16x3,5 cm.
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Cheese grater stainless steel Diodon - origine - importation
9.99 EUR 
A desire for cheese in a dish quickly a stainless steel cheese grater. Dimensions 18,5x7,2 cm
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Bamboo foie gras cup Diodon - origine - importation
10.99 EUR 
Cup foie gras bamboo tray, special cutting foie gras, Dimensions L21,50xl12,50xh18 cm.
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Cup stainless foie gras Diodon - origine - importation
19.99 EUR 
Cup stainless foie gras, object indispensable for the proper cut foie gras, dimensions L22xl20xh2 cm.
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Stainless steel bracket for foie gras Diodon - origine - importation
4.99 EUR 
With this stainless lyre become a maestro of cutting, dimensions 10,50x7 cm.
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Wooden case with stainless steel bracket and 2 knives Diodon - origine - importation
11.99 EUR  19.99 EUR

Wooden box with three accessories, 1 knife, 1 and 1 spreader lyre stainless steel. Dimensions L33xl22xh12,30 cm.

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Wooden case with stainless lyre Diodon - origine - importation
6.59 EUR  10.99 EUR
Small wooden box, gray blue color, containing 1 liter stainless steel. Dimensions 13x12x11,50 cm.
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Knife plastic handle foie gras faux wood Diodon - origine - importation
4.99 EUR 
To cut the foie gras use this knife, wooden handle, stainless steel blade, 24,50 dimensions cm.
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Spreader plastic imitation wood and stainless steel Diodon - origine - importation
4.99 EUR 
Spread your foie gras using this utensil, imitation wood handle stainless steel blade, length 16 cm.
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Spreader plastic décor stripes handle Diodon - origine - importation
4.99 EUR 
Foie gras butter spreader, plastic handle imitating wood, décor stripes, stainless steel blade, size 16 cm.
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Knife plastic handle foie gras decor stripes Diodon - origine - importation
5.99 EUR 
Special knife to slice the foie gras, handle plastic decoration striped imitation, stainless steel blade, size 24.50 cm.
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Fondue fondue pot 4 people IDEE CADEAU
68.00 EUR 
Fondue set for 4 people, ceramic pot, wood and metal stand, metal burner, burner with lid, fondue fork. Gift idea.
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Box for mini-burgers IDEE CADEAU
15.99 EUR 
To find this kit for mini burgers as an appetizer or small hollow ! 3 accessories and 1 pound.
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Box 50 recipes for small snacks IDEE CADEAU
12.99 EUR 
Original box that 5 small cookbooks for 4 hours. Five thematic books, 50 authentic recipes.
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Mini-sandwiches manufacturing cabinet IDEE CADEAU
12.99 EUR 
Iconic meal of modern times. Box comes with one piston 6 forms and 1 book of 25 recipes.
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Manufacturing kit for cabbage and lightning IDEE CADEAU
12.99 EUR 
Box design for yourself his cabbages and lightning! Box with 3 stainless steel nozzles, 10 plastic bags, 1 pound of 29 recipes.
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The sausage guillotine tray IDEE CADEAU
58.19 EUR  96.99 EUR
The sausage guillotine tray with accessories, a French creation. Dimensions L28xl28xh10,5 cm.
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