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A little history !

Already cultivated in Central America 7000 years ago, venerated by the Aztecs and the Mayas, maize arrives in Spain with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

It is found in the region of Venice around 1530 where, ignorance of its origin, it takes the name of "wheat of Turkey". It crosses northern Italy and the Alps to give the polenta.

Corn was considered for its yield as a miracle plant. In order not to lose anything, the grapes were dried in the bread oven and one day, no doubt, some were roasted.

Finely ground, this corn yielded a fragrant flour and a nutty-flavored bouillie called "les gaudes". It was then the name given to the porridge made with various flours (wheat, oats, buckwheat, millet).

Since 1990, the gaudes are made with organic corn. Consuming organic flour means :

* Use of organic corn.

* Respectful processes.

* Non-use of GMOs.

* Non-use of chemicals.
5.40 EUR
Ground coffee pure Brazil, suave character, presented in bag of 250 grs, sold individually or by 10.
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Organic vanilla sugar pack 5x7.5 grs Produit bio - France - Rhone Alpes
1.99 EUR 
Organic vanilla sugar 5 packs of 7.5 grs, gluten-free product packaged in France. To flavor your desserts.
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Baking powder 5 sachets 10 grs
1.50 EUR 
Buy our baking powder in 5 sachets of 10 grs, i.e. one sachet of baking powder corresponds to the dose for 500 g of flour.
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Organic oat bran package 500 grs Produit bio - France - Rhone Alpes
3.78 EUR  4.20 EUR
Organic oat bran, product from organic farming, package 500 grs. Very rich in soluble fiber, oat bran is the husk around the oat grain.
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Semi-complete flour T80 BIO 1kg Fleur du Jura - France - Jura
4.10 EUR 
Semi-complete flour T80 ORGANIC, Jura flower, semi-complete wheat flour for pie dough - pastry - pastry - pizza - fougase - homemade breads.
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T55 flour for cooking and baking 1 kg Fleur du Jura - France - Jura
3.50 EUR 
T55 wheat flour for cooking and baking, packaging in 1 kg package, mill flour produced in the Jura (Franche-Comté).
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Organic rye flour 1 kg Magdelaine - France - Franche-Comte - Jura
3.85 EUR 
Local rye flour, type 130 crushed with a millstone, product from organic farming, packaging 1 kg package.
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Organic small spelled flour T80 1 kg Magdelaine - France - Franche-Comte - Jura
8.52 EUR 
Farine de petit épeautre biologique T80, paquet de 1 kg, farine d'engrain écrasé à la meule. Farine de moulin. Produit issue de l'agriculture biologique.
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Artisanal pizza flour T55 1 kg Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
2.40 EUR 
The little red devil, white artisanal wheat flour. Flour guaranteed without preservative. Type of flour T55, special pizza.
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 Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
6.10 EUR 
 Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
3.24 EUR 
 Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
2.50 EUR 
Artisanal flour T45 pellerine 1 kg Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
2.85 EUR 
Artisanal flour T45 pellerine, in a 1 kg package, white flour of pure wheat special pastry T45.
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Flour preparation for sponge cake 500 grs Moulin de Nomexy - France - Vosges
3.50 EUR 
Flour preparation for sponge cake 500 grs, culinary preparation for gourmets passionate about desserts. Artisanal flour, local product, 100% French.
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