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Syrup and spray propolis and honey

Your throat, the extension of your mouth. Choosing a good syrup is important ! So Hive of Passions offers syrups with different composition and virtues.

Throat Syrup

The syrup for the throat, a traditional formula elaborated from honey and propolis in association with plants. Syrup concerning those who want to strengthen the natural defenses when the winter settles.

Evening syrup, for relaxation

Organic evening syrup, an intelligent combination of propolis, honey and a whole range of plants. For those who want a sweet and organic syrup at the same time. The day ended, in the evening in a free wheel, a spoonful of syrup and the night will be serene.

Spray buccal propolis

For people who want to benefit from an organic propolis married to mint in order to have a healthy and fresh mouth.
13.99 EUR
13.29 EUR
I always have fishing with vital energy ! Gluten-free, rich in vitamin C. 120 grs. 116,58 €/kg.
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Throat syrup, propolis - honey - pine and lemon. Bottle in glass 145 ml. 68.89 €/l.
9.99 EUR 
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Propolis evening syrup, honey, plants. Glass bottle 150 ml. 93,26 €/l.
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Organic spray propolis and mint, refreshing concentrate, 20 ml bottle. 599,5 €/l.
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