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Wooden chess games

The game of chess, the strategy game par excellence ! A game for those passionate about intellectual combat. The king of the table game recognized by the whole earth.

The concept : composed of 64 light and dark squares that are called white squares and black squares. Players take turns moving one of their sixteen pieces to defeat the opponent.

The game stops at the end of the fatal blow. A game without money, only intelligence ......

Hive of Passions offers wooden chess boards or not, with magnetic tray or not, single pieces. French or European manufacturing. So we play !
17.90 EUR
Round wood double-sided puzzle around the world, material wood and paper, number of pieces 57. diameter 30 cm. Recommended age 6 and +.
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Folding wooden chess Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
28.99 EUR 
Chess wooden chess set, small footprint, dimensions 26x26x1,5 cm in open position. Our best quality / price ratio.
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Foldable wooden chess board Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
37.99 EUR 
Foldable wooden chess set - boxwood pawns, dimensions 29.9x29.9x2.3 cm unfolded position and 29.9x15x4.7 cm in folded position.
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Folding wooden chess Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
41.99 EUR 
Foldable wooden chess game, excellent quality game, minimum size. Size of the game unfolded 37,50x37,50x2,5 cm.
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Magnetic chess game with 2 drawers Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
48.99 EUR 
Magnetic chess game, with 2 drawers, dimensions 25.9x25.9x3.4 cm.
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Wooden chess board foldable magnetic board Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
42.99 EUR 
Wood chess board foldable magnetic, dimensions of 27x27,6x2,3 cm in open position. Starting from 7 years old.
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Foldable wooden chessboard with its parts Tabletterie des lacs
30.99 EUR 
Foldable wooden chessboard with its parts, dimensions of 30x30 cm in open position. Made in the Jura.
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Chess Pieces boxwood No. 0 Tabletterie des lacs
15.99 EUR 
32 individual pieces to play chess, white and black, boxwood parts, parts for chess game n° 0 (sold without the tray).
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Wooden chess and chess set Tabletterie des lacs
32.99 EUR 
Hive of Passions offers you this chess and checkers, handcrafted, dimensions 22x22x3,6 cm.
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Chess set, ladies and mill game Goll&Kie - origine - importation UE
49.99 EUR 
You will find in this beautiful wooden box 3 different games as chess, checkers and game of the mill. Dimensions 34x34 cm.
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